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Excellent stump removal services

When you need to get a damaged tree stump removed or if you're looking to grind your tree's stump to a reasonable height, Big Rivers Tree Service is your best bet for professional tree care services in Chippewa Falls, WI.

  • Stump removal

  • Stump grinding

  • Yard cleaning

  • Lot clearing

  • Chip removal and cleanup

  • Storm damage cleanup

A wide range of tree care services

Storms wreak havoc wherever they strike. Our emergency response team can help you with complete storm damage cleanup, so you can get back to your routine without delay.


If you have been hit by a snowstorm, our snow removal team can provide immediate assistance. Contact us for more information about our winter tree service DISCOUNT.

Comprehensive storm damage cleanup

Need FREE estimates on stump removal services? Call us at


If you aren't satisfied with our tree care services, we'll come back as soon as possible and get the job done right.